Thursday, December 19, 2013

Memories of Classroom

Staring out of the window in the playground....waiting for the sound "TING TING"...Hurray time to play. It was Class Nursery. It's hard to remember the classroom of Nursery as I love the playground more than my classroom. Nevertheless, only thing I remember about it is that the bench were pretty high and I have to stand to study on it. Gosh!!! I was small.

Well, the classroom changed every year. Nursery and Junior KG were in the ground-floor and Senior KG was in the top floor. Looking at the big stairs to climb to reach SKG, I always wish when I could reach Senior KG. I must confess that I was happy to be the smallest kid in the class. The only reason was that after our assembly, I was always the first one to climb those stairs :). From Class One to Ten, I have stayed in different classroom. Some were huge but some were small. OH!!I hate those small classrooms especially after the lunch break. Sweat all over and coming to the hot classroom. OMG was a horrible experience.

SLC and I passed :) Yes, I am going to college, 10+2. Well, I will start with Class Eleven, that huge bench where I can practically put everything. But, the classes reminded me of Class Two in a way that all were in ground-floor and all has roof of JASTA-PATA (STEEL) and to add to my misery, the air-con only works for few minutes and shuts down automatically. Thanks to one of the guy who found out the way to turn on ac with dot-pen :). I am fonder of the window or I should say unchained window from where we could easily jump and bunk the class. Well, let’s go to Class Twelve. All fine with this classroom but everyone want to stay in the front row. The only solution was rotation policy. Are we really in Class twelve or Class three??

Let’s go to my classes during my Bachelor. Although, I stayed in four different classroom but all were pretty much similar. Each student has their own bench and table. And they were big. Most classes were well-equipped to run projector.

I will come back… and edit it again….Just wanna get your view… Do you want me to elaborate more J

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Agriculture in Nepal

Its third year in my degree. I was reading this book “ Irrigation Engineering.” Just a thought came in my mind why on earth am I reading this book? “Agriculture is not engineering.” In one semester, this book has planned some other thing to teach me. It wanted to prove me so wrong.
How many of you know about crop rotation? How many of you know that just watering the plant does not harvest the crops. They do need air as well. And how many of you know that watering at the right time during the crop life is important.
Today this engineer speaks. It’s the knowledge that I would like to share and may be open your eyes. We all grew up saying NEPAL IS A AGRICULTURAL AND TOURIST COUNTRY. In every essay that I wrote about Nepal, I never miss this line. Then how come we know nothing about agriculture.
I remember my friend once said about the agriculture. He was saying “You know in India they teach Agriculture to the school going children. The reason behind it is that the things that they will learn about agriculture during school hours and they will tell about it to their parents who most of them are farmers. This way the farmers will try the new things and see the actual real life difference.”
Every day I see kids going to school having nine or more big books in their bag. Are we teaching them the right things? Agriculture is the science- the basic for life. It took me 22 years to know about this fact. If the kids don’t know about it then how on earth can we expect them to visualize themselves as an agriculturist and farmers. The future of Nepal.
Just saying education can empower the nation is not enough only Right education can sanction it. Hope everyone get my message. Don’t forget to comment me.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cooking and life- Some Similarities

I remember the days in my dining table saying " Salt is not enough." I guess the only flavour that I know was SALT. I never remember me saying " Add more Cumin seeds or garlic or ginger or chilli."
It is said that every person is different and each person have their own taste of food. I can now proudly say that I like the flavour of garlic and ginger the most. Chilli is fine. I will prefer ghee rather than butter.
Something that I have explore in the past few days made me realise that I was missing something in my life. So what was that something? Learning how to cook actually taught me how to see the life. I never thought that way before.
Exploring the cookbook and ofcourse youtube for trying new recipe made me realise that Life is also about exploring and understanding what you enjoy the most. If you eat the same food daily of course you will feel bored so why not try something new in life. I wanted to try new things- I tried blogging and now I am starting to enjoy it. Here, I can express the life from my point of view. I am just another human being whose basic aim is to be happy. And here I am being happy.
I think my tongue is far more superior and so called BRAINY than my brain. It knows what I want to eat. Its fairly easy for me to say "I dont like this food." Then why not in life we say " I dont like doing this."
Saying about trying new things, I started reading Novel books. I said to myself " Why not?" I will update you about my progress of reading Novel in the upcoming post.
So its goes to all my friends and whoever is reading this post " Dont be afraid to try new things in life." Life is similar to cooking-you never know you might find the best flavour that you were looking for your whole life.

Thinking out of Box

Today I was streaming "Thinking out of Box" from
Something come across my mind.
Back in my campus, Wake up 7am time then time to get ready and 10 to 5 its campus time. Come back do the homework and then prepare for assignment. Thats seems horrible to you. Those were when I was doing my bachelor's degree. Guess what. I still have time for thinking out of box during this time.
Lets go further back during the plus two and school days. The days were similar same 10 to 5 job oops I mean study. But the study pressure were far more bigger. Again the same question when we have time to think out of box.
Barcamp is atleast giving a platform or some sort of motivation for people to think about creativity something more than your study.
The thing with people is we always complain. Here I will try to post something reasonable solution which seems to be atleast reasonable for me if not for others.
I dont know if you guys have felt the same way or not. But sometime I feel most of the time during our lecture, the lecturer waste far much more time just writing something in the blackboard. Its the time for relaxing and getting distracted from the topic. As soon as teacher faces the board, I am busy playing with mobile. How about my friends? They are also busy giving misscall to someone or texting someone.
Dont you think we should used overhead board or powerpoint presentation?
Now I remember the days when there used to be no class due to load shedding. But an inverter wont cost so much to run it. Atleast it will short down the time of lecture. We, human, are so much fascinated with the letters and alphabet that we forgot that PICTURE SPEAKS THOUSAND WORDS AND better to illustrate than a simple lines in the blackboard.
What I am trying to say is that 10 to 5 college time can be shorten and will give time for student to think out of box and be creative.
Do comment me. I would like to have a good discussion.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Movies-way of expression

What is a movie for you?
For me its an art. I grew up watching movie. I like any kind of movie whether that be a hindi masala movie, some serious movie of Rituparna, some sci-fi.
I belive every movie has something to learn from.
I was thinking about the different shot angles which make you believe the mood of the scene. As it is said truth is just what u believe and movie is just what director wants you to show. Its a conversation between you and the director. Sometime they portrayed it so well that you can understand the meaning.
I am just a big follower of movie.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a thought

I created this blog right after finishing my bachelor's degree. Thought I could write the things and share my view about how civil engineer works. But sadly I never updated it.
I remember those days when I used to work, I feel there was so many memories that I wish I have poured into my blog. Its my diary and it will help many others as well.
Well here I am once again blogging.
This time I am student again. Studying in different part of world and studying in different way that I have ever imagine.
I still feel I have learn many things that I should share in this blog. I hope to update my findings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You rock my world!

You rock my world!

By Bibhushana Shrestha

It was an awfully wearisome day. Entering a class lecture was more like standing on a battlefield, defending myself from being caught unawares by the teacher in my state of drooping eyelids and swaying head. After all, who wants to sit the next forty-five minutes in front of the classroom?

But there was something more that day: the seat next to mine was vacant. The finding of this reality check made a chill run down my spine. Everything flowed back into my mind — all those memories, so fresh yet so painful. I remembered every single day from the very start.


Raindrops trickling down my forehead, I waited for my new roommate. It was the start of a new academic year and a few new students were being added. Like some other students of the batch, I was also assigned a room with a new arrival. So here I was, standing in the rain for half an hour and this “new” friend of mine had not shown up yet. After waiting for a couple of minutes more, I decided to get inside the room. Then I heard a screeching sound of an engine coming to a halt. First went up a black umbrella and then she came out. Dressed up in white kameez and denim, she had a magnificent figure. Tall with a slightly darker complexion, she looked simply beautiful.

I escorted her to our room. That evening we barely spoke a word to each other. I didn't know what was going through her mind but I was annoyed with her for making me wait in that cold rain.

Next morning, she woke me up. As usual, I was getting late for my classes. While I freshened up, we chatted a bit. I found out that her name was Pratistha. By the time we entered the classroom, we were already bonded in friendship. I introduced her to my other friends.

We were engrossed in our girlie chat when this new boy entered the classroom. Hearing his voice, Pratistha stopped talking and looked back.

She said, "Hey, I know that guy. His name is Pramod. We were together in the crash course for the entrance preparation. He's very brilliant.

No doubt about that. He was already discussing Hubble's telescope with someone.

But the twinkle in Pratistha's eyes told me something more.

Back in our hostel room, we settled down to finish our assignments. I couldn't resist asking her about Pramod. She slowly poured out everything that was in her heart.

“It was love at first sight,” she said. Every time she saw him, her cheeks would go red. She told me all about those moments when she used to pray to God for his just one look at her, and about those breathtaking moments when he glided past her. She was completely crazy about him.

But I was shocked when I learned that she hadn't talked to him even once. Our conversation lasted till two in the morning. Our eyes were swollen as we woke up the following day, obviously very late.

The next week was full of mischief. Our main aim was to get Pramod's attention all over Pratistha. I still remember how she liked me helping around to get her love of a lifetime. We became the last benchers in the class, while still maintaining our excellent academic positions. But the very presence of him made her feel lively. I saw her with a shy smile plastered on her face if he was around. Counting the number of times he shot a look at her in a minute was her mission, even though the frequencies turned out to be much lesser than I expected.

As time went by, I realized that Pratistha was a true friend indeed and in deeds. She helped me out with the subjects that I was weaker in. This made me more aware of my responsibility to her as a friend. I tried to inculcate in her the courage to walk to Pramod and at least say “Hi!”

But it was all in vain. She just couldn't gather enough grit to confront him. She lived in her own small world of dreams. She loved him but couldn't tell him so. In retrospect, I think it's a common love problem. However, this one was a little more complicated. The fury of possessing Pramod for herself, I'm sure, fused into Pratistha's madness. At times, she mumbled his name in her sleep, scaring me in the middle of the night.


One day, we saw him come straight to our hostel with a red rose in his hand. Poor Pratistha was nervous and shaking all over. I held her as we stood with our fingers crossed. Then something happened. Another resident, Anima, popped out of the hostel gate. He offered her the rose.

Anima was at the height of her happiness. I slowly turned my head towards my friend. She sat there — emotionless, calm and mute. But her eyes spoke a thousand words. I would never forget the agony of pain that reflected in her eyes. She was frozen like a stone and I stood helplessly behind her, watching Pramod and Anima talk merrily.

I had no idea what to say or what not to. Then she stood up and headed to the bathroom. Leaving her on her own was the only thing I could do at that time.



The voice of my teacher yanked me to reality. I wiped the tears from my eyes and stood up. Before he could say anything, I asked for permission to go to the restroom. On my way, I recalled how other friends had woken me up the other day. I had slept on the floor waiting for Pratistha to come out of the bathroom.

Instead, my classmates had handed me the note she had left behind. It read:


You rock my world……………

Pratistha was nowhere to be found since then.

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