Thursday, December 19, 2013

Memories of Classroom

Staring out of the window in the playground....waiting for the sound "TING TING"...Hurray time to play. It was Class Nursery. It's hard to remember the classroom of Nursery as I love the playground more than my classroom. Nevertheless, only thing I remember about it is that the bench were pretty high and I have to stand to study on it. Gosh!!! I was small.

Well, the classroom changed every year. Nursery and Junior KG were in the ground-floor and Senior KG was in the top floor. Looking at the big stairs to climb to reach SKG, I always wish when I could reach Senior KG. I must confess that I was happy to be the smallest kid in the class. The only reason was that after our assembly, I was always the first one to climb those stairs :). From Class One to Ten, I have stayed in different classroom. Some were huge but some were small. OH!!I hate those small classrooms especially after the lunch break. Sweat all over and coming to the hot classroom. OMG was a horrible experience.

SLC and I passed :) Yes, I am going to college, 10+2. Well, I will start with Class Eleven, that huge bench where I can practically put everything. But, the classes reminded me of Class Two in a way that all were in ground-floor and all has roof of JASTA-PATA (STEEL) and to add to my misery, the air-con only works for few minutes and shuts down automatically. Thanks to one of the guy who found out the way to turn on ac with dot-pen :). I am fonder of the window or I should say unchained window from where we could easily jump and bunk the class. Well, let’s go to Class Twelve. All fine with this classroom but everyone want to stay in the front row. The only solution was rotation policy. Are we really in Class twelve or Class three??

Let’s go to my classes during my Bachelor. Although, I stayed in four different classroom but all were pretty much similar. Each student has their own bench and table. And they were big. Most classes were well-equipped to run projector.

I will come back… and edit it again….Just wanna get your view… Do you want me to elaborate more J

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